Speed Post Tracking Services


You can use the online speed post tracking to check the status of the parcels and consignments. The tracking service sis very secure as the providers doesn't store a tracking numbers. The speed post tracking services make it easy to track the delivery of your parcel.  What you need to do is t find and feed in the track number you received during parcel booking.  Then press the track button.  The tracking results will be delivered instantly and you can stay confident.  It is even possible to view it on the full screen by viewing it in a new window.


The speed post tracking numbers are inn different formats for different consignments. It is important that use the correct format to track your parcel. Here is a summary of how different categories numbers looks like. The speed post-EMS domestic's format is EE23256789IN and has thirteen digits. The International EMS articles to be delivered internally are EE223256789XX has thirteen digits. The electronic money order, the track number has the format of 00000000000000 and has eighteen digits.  A registered mail has the number format of RX123456789IN and has 13 digits. There is the express parcel post with a format of XX000000000X and has a total of thirteen digits.


Speed post tracking numbers are on the receipt you get at the post office during the booking. They track a variety of items including the international tracking post, passport tracking, track consignment, registered letter, insured letter, and value payable letter. Also tracked are an insured value payable letter, registered packets, registered periodicals, registered parcel, insured parcel and value payable parcel.  They track business, business parcel, express parcel, express parcel COD, electronic money order e-MO, International EMS and electronic value payable parcel eVPP.


There is also an option to use the speed post SMS tracking. You can use the SMS to track the status of your consignment. If you prefer to use the SMS post tracking, you should remember the following. The SMS is case sensitive and you should only use capital letters. The status will be available for items booked up to sixty days from the date of SMS enquiry.  The service is irrespective of the service provider you are using in the country.  There are rates that are charged by the service provider.


Choose any of the two speed post tracking options depending on preference and convenience.  This is done on the official page of the speed post track company.


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